Blog entry The World's Greatest Solvable Problem

21 March 2012

Hunger kills more people every year than AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria combined. But solving hunger is less daunting than you may think.

Recently, the World Food Programme published an article entitled: "Hunger: The World’s Greatest Solvable Problem". They point out that "no scientific breakthroughs are needed to solve hunger". We don't need research, or breakthroughs in medicine, or ground breaking discoveries. We already have all the technology and knowledge needed to solve this problem.

And progress is being made. Brazil in recent years reduced the proportion of hungry people by one third, lifted 24 million people out of extreme poverty and cut malnutrition by 25 per cent. Both China and Russia were once countries that received WFP food aid. All three countries are now economic leaders.

The price tag for solving hunger is also less than you may realise:

- US 20 cents: the cost of one super-healthy ration of Plumpy’Sup for a small child, less than the cost of a US postage stamp
- US $10: the costs to feed a boy in a Kenya refugee camp for 3 weeks, less than the cost of a lipstick bought in Manhattan
- US $50: the cost to feed a schoolgirl for one year, roughly the same price for an iPod shuffle

Find out about WFP's 6 core approaches to solving hunger

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Mon, 05/07/2012 - 17:26 brayden12345

i think all tips from any store should be given to the poor

Mon, 05/07/2012 - 17:22 brayden12345

dont let peop from all over the world die because u just like to me around we are feeding kids that dont have a roof over there head and dont food on the table some of us have all that stuff the dont so lets help them

Sat, 04/28/2012 - 14:22 mjcook4316

Lately when I purchase cat food, I look at that canned item, for which I paid from 35 to 75 cents, and think that it could save the life of a starving child. Yes - the nutrition in cat food could definitely support a human. Although I love my cat, she isn't a human child, so I'm daily reminded as I feed my pet that I need to do more for the hungry kids throughout the world. This website is one of the things I do to help them.

Fri, 04/27/2012 - 19:10 Italian_Love

Everybody seems to be self centered now-a-days haven't you noticed? People in the U.S. think it's alright to fried chick and fat foods everyday and larger portions then they waste the food.....
That's why I can't wait to move and get out of the U.S.

Fri, 04/20/2012 - 00:50 green_g

I think something needs to be done about the world's greatest solvable problem!!!

Thu, 04/19/2012 - 22:59 brando121461

im so happy for all the rice i donated

Thu, 04/19/2012 - 19:13 Jessica75844


Thu, 04/19/2012 - 09:09 stephen win

reality always hurts! we should try our best ,though!freerice is a big family,warm and affectionate,as well wish a better world

Tue, 04/17/2012 - 19:33 tesslovesmiley

I really don't think these prople should die for nothing. They never did anything to deserve to be treated like this. Also, my former friend said after I told her about freerice that 10 grains per question isn't alot. I almost burst out in tears! I said " I can get like at least a bowl of rice for a child in a minute!!! You don't think that's alot???

Mon, 04/16/2012 - 11:24 mullapudi ravi

Don't waste the food !!!

Tue, 04/10/2012 - 02:47 emmanuelito

i feel sad because a lot of people die for not eating nothing

Wed, 04/04/2012 - 17:01 Team Freerice

Hi jocelyn2120, you can find more ways to get involved and make a difference here:

Thanks for all your comments!

Tue, 04/03/2012 - 23:13 MadelineDodson

Yes it is solvable. Two of my friends are members of freerice. In spanish class whenever you are done with something and we have our laptops we have a choice of doing freerice and everbody does it.

Sun, 04/01/2012 - 06:28 jocelyn2120

how can i make the world betteer

Sun, 04/01/2012 - 06:28 jocelyn2120

hi my name is jocelyn and i joined in its been great but how can i save the world more

Wed, 03/28/2012 - 22:00 Nuama

Those prices are strange...I mean, people sometimes go out and buy, say, three new lipsticks for themselves, spending roughly...say $40. That could feed four boys in Kenya....but when they're asked to donate ONE DOLLAR, they say no.....Hmm.....

America needs a god slap to the face and a "Look at how crappy our world is. Do you WANT to let children in Africa die because you don't feel like donating ONE measly little dollar?!"

Wed, 03/28/2012 - 16:11 Dr. Losier Knights


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